Review: Mainstream Delight Waffle Burger of The SweetSin Coffees

The SweetSin Coffees

🔸 Mainstream delight waffle burger
🔸Price: 380tk+
🔸 Rating: 7/10
🔸Place: @thesweetsincoffees
Replacing the conventional sesame buns to paprika waffles surely adds a completely different dimension to burgers. This waffle burger consisted of a 100gm chicken patty, with beef bacon, egg, mushrooms, and honey mustard sauce. The chicken patty was full of flavors but was a tad bit dry. The paprika waffles were soft and fluffy but needed some salt( just a pinch) to bring out the flavors of the whole meal. This was overall good and very wholesome.

Personally, I believe butter does the best savory waffle burger/sandwiches. (Just my opinion)

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