Review: 5 Limited Edition Pizzas of Domino’s!

Enjoy 5 Limited Edition Pizzas at 1499tk (All Inclusive)!

Guess, you are watching the T-20 World Cup, your favorite team is playing and hit four/six, you get so excited and bite on a delicious pizza at that moment. Happiness will not be doubled? 
To make this T-20 World Cup super interesting,  Domino’s has launched 5 limited edition pizza’s from 5 different countries. 

1. Bengal Kala Bhuna – This one represents our Bangladeshi culture, you can enjoy authentic kala bhuna with onion & capsicum. 
2. Indian Chicken Tikka – This pizza represents Indian delicacy with flavourful chicken tikka. Chicken tikka lovers, must try this. 
3. African Peri Peri – This one represents African delicacy with generous portion of chunk chicken & mushroom. I enjoy every bite of this. 
4. Jamaican Jerk – If anyone wants to taste West Indies delicacy, they should try this one. Capsicum, mushroom & chicken chunk makes this one so flavourful and unique! 
5. Australian Fiery – Spices & sauces make this pizza so good and it represents Australian taste. 

Such a good deal, right? 
To order just call ☎️ 16656

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