Review: BBQ Chicken Meal of Mahf’s Kitchenette

BBQ Chicken Meal of 'Mahf's Kitchenette'

Home-made deliciousness, packed with love!

That’s right, because in Mahf’s Kitchenette, not only you’ll find quality food of delicious taste, you’ll also be able to detect the dedication the chef puts behind each meal. Starting from the chicken to the vegetables, each item was cooked perfectly and had flavours infused to its core.

I tried their BBQ CHICKEN MEAL, which includes a large piece of chicken, Mexican rice and sauteed vegetables as sides.

Price: Tk. 299+
Rating: 9/10

The chicken leg had a flavourful, saucy top coat, while the meat was juicy and came off the bones in ease. The best part was the presence of flavours and aroma in all the layers of the meat. The Mexican fried rice was packed with flavours, with diced carrots and cabbages complimenting the rice. Sauteed vegetables were cooked perfectly, and was soft to cut through while the peppery flavour brought an oomph to the entire taste.

Overall, I am highly impressed and satisfied with the taste, service and quality of Mahf’s Kitchenette.

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