Review: Brunches from KNACK FOODS

@knackfoods is a Cloud Kitchen that delivers to most of Dhaka.
They serve delectable burgers with juicy, tender patties fashioned from scratch,  authentic shawarmas bursting with meat, twisted pastas,  toasted sandwiches and much more.
I have tasted –
1. Extra Meaty Beef Burger –  They used brioche bun with juicy, flavourful patty, lettuce, some garlic mayo, slice onion and a lot of cheese. Burger was fresh, not so saucy. (Highly Recommended) 
2. Chicken Shawarma – Shawarma bread was perfect, not so thick, not so thin. Tender chicken, french fries, garlic mayo was used to make in. Shawarma was ok but I think they should add some seasoning to make it flavourful! 
3. Pasta Bolognese – One of the best bolognese I had ever eat! The fresh aroma and bolognese sauce was so delightful! (Highly Recommended) 
4. Smoked Beef Cold Cut Sandwich – It was okay but not smokey as it’s name!
5. Fiery Wings – If you love spice and juiciness in your wings, then you must try this one with bombay mayo!  (Recommended)
6. Masala Fries – A good portion of regular fries with some masala coating. 
7. Onion rings – Crispy and Crunchy! Love this one with Toum dip which they served. 
💸 Price – 
1. Extra Meaty Beef Burger – 330/-

2. Chicken Shawarma – 220/-

3. Pasta Bolognese – 270/-

4. Smoked Beef Cold Cut Sandwich – 190/-

5. Fiery Wings (6pc) – 170/-

6. Masala Fries – 100/-

7. Onion rings – 110/-

8. Honey Mustard – 20/-

9. Bombay mayo – 20/-

10. Toum – 30/-

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