Review: Chicken Dominator with Cheese Burst Crust of Domino’s

Any guesses where you find pizza crust filled with liquid phillar cheese? 🍕 

Yes, Domino’s introduced their new addition “Cheese Burst Pizza.” Any customer can make their crust filled with liquid cheese burst by adding only 199 BDT with any medium size pizza from their menu.

Today I visit their Uttara outlet, ordered chicken dominator pizza with cheese crust burst.

Chicken Dominator with Cheese Burst: It has all types of pizza toppings – bbq chicken, grilled chicken rasher, hot & spicy chicken, chicken sausage. Last time, the crust was a little bit dry for me but today as I add cheese burst in my crust, this is 10/10 for me. Pizza is so meaty and if  you love chicken more, then it can be a great option for you from their loaded pizza section with cheese burst! 💥💣

Price – 649 TK + 199 TK (for cheese burst)
Overall, I really enjoy my pizza & Thanks to Domino’s for this amazing cheese burst! 😍

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