Review: Chicken Supreme Pizza of Cafe Eden

∆NAME : Chicken Supreme Pizza
If you’re searching for a place to be around jolly young people then this is the place.The first noticeable thing about this pizza is it’s thin crust. Which I liked btw. But I know many people who prefer medium crust. The pizza had enough cheese. It had sausages, green capsicum & olives as toppings. We usually divide pizza in two sectors💁 1 : Authentic pizza , 2 : sub continental pizza. This pizza had authenticity. ∆PRICE : 900++ (I forgot to note down the actual price🤦)
∆RATE :7.5/10 ∆ENVIRONMENT : The place is really big. It has both indoor and outdoor to sit , chill & eat. Swipe 👉 to see the awesome Christmas tree they decorated on this Christmas.
-Xoxo Shazin

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Cafe Eden · Pizza

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