Review: Fuchka of Nasta.BD

Presenting the fuchka platter from Nasta.BD, an online based homemade page, delivering to everyone’s street food cravings and evening snacks.
This platter consists of 3 flavors, mainly they provide you with 3 types of tamarind chutney, and I took:
🔸Doi fuchka
🔸Normal fuchka
🔸Naga fuchka
◽Price: 230 tk + 100 tk delivery
◽Rating: 7/10
(1 point for it being hygienic)
I appreciate and love how home cooks are taking the initiative to start their business and I really hope they flourish and do well, hence I believe constructive criticism is what’s going to help them in the future.
The fuchka filling needed more seasonings, and they did improve it and it’s really tasty now. The tamarind chutney needs more work, needs seasons like rock salt, cumin powder, red chilies etc and a pinch of sugar to bring all the flavors together. The doi was good no doubt and well seasoned. The naga tamarind chutney was okay(the smell of the naga chilies was missing) and it can definitely be improved with some seasoning.

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