Review: Party Pizza of Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh.

PURNO Card game while eating pizza – how is it?

Exciting, right? 🤩

Thinking about present situation, @partypizzaglobal & @ghostkitchenbangladesh have launched a party pizza, so you can enjoy a homely party. It’s launched from Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh’s new brand. You can get a PURNO card absolutely free by ordering their 16″ pizza 😍 Everyone loves pizza while playing some indoor games(UNO, Ludo, Carrom).

Today @partypizzaglobal send me their absolutely amazing party pizza(12″) as a PR. Basically, this party pizza is a combination of 2 pizzas – Pizza Tehran & Pizza Punjab.

Pizza Tehran’s toppings are grounded beef, black olive, mashroom and loads of cheese 🤩

Pizza Punjab is full of toppings and a little bit spicy. Chicken, capsicum, mashroom, cheese and slice naga chillies are increased the taste 🔥🔥 I love both but as a spicy lover, pizza punjab steal my heart ❤️

***Me and my family enjoyed pizza and playing PURNO card. In short, we enjoyed a pizza party at home tonight 🥳🥳

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