T-bone Steak at Shaw’s steakhouse

Went to shaws steakhouse few days back.
Ordered a T-bone steak with mashed potatoes & fried rice & two mint lemon.
The T-bone steak was medium rare. The pink color inside the chunk was intact and the piece was really juicy. It was not a cakewalk to cut the piece but it dissolved in mouth without any effort. Black pepper sauce complemented beef’s taste.
The fried rice was average but the potato was the game changer. I would give 💯 to the mashed potato. .

In terms of service they are really top notch. No complain but only complement.
Place 📍: Shaw’s Steakhouse
Items⏺: T-bone steak, cashew nut salad, Mint lemon.
T-bone steak ⏺: 7/10
(Forgot to take pictures of mint lemon that’s why refraining from reviewing it)
Price💸: 3058Taka ( 15% discount)
Service ⏺: 9/10
Ambiance 🖼: 👍

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